Getting tested

Getting yourself tested?

If you think you have ever been at risk of contracting Hepatitis C, talk to someone about having a test, such as your GP or another trained professional at your nearest testing service.

Getting my children tested?

If you gave birth whilst infected with Hepatitis C, and your child is now over a year old, you should talk to your doctor about testing children for Hepatitis C.

What tests do I need to have for Hepatitis C?

If you decide to go ahead with testing, blood samples(s) will be taken from you and blood tests run to find out:

Other tests that look for liver damage might include an ultrasound scan, which takes a picture of the liver, a fibroscan, which checks for scarring of the liver, or in some cases a biopsy where a needle is used to take a tiny piece of the liver for examination. If you have a history of heart problems you may also be given an ECG (electrocardiogram) test.

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